December 4, 2023

TIMEPAC International Workshop and Meeting

Recap of TIMEPAC International Workshop and General Meeting in Vienna

This blogpost provides a comprehensive overview of the recent activities that took place in Vienna from November 20 to 21, as part of our project TIMEPAC. The two-day event encompassed the TIMEPAC International Workshop on the first day, followed by a consortium-wide general meeting on the second day.

Representing the Cyprus partners in the TIMEPAC project were Sara Mariza Vryondi, physicist and Research Associate at the Sustainable Energy Laboratory, alongside Stelios Kyprou, Mechanical Engineer, and Iosifina Petri, Civil Engineer, both affiliated with Cyprus Energy Agency.

Day 1: TIMEPAC International Workshop

The TIMEPAC International Workshop held on the first day of the event proved to be an enriching experience. Delving into various aspects of building assessment and energy performance, the sessions covered diverse topics such as the challenges and advantages of using Building Information Modeling (BIM) in deep renovation, the integration of data sources into renovation roadmaps, the implementation of Smart Readiness Indicators (SRI), and the exploration of different building archetypes.

A recurring theme throughout the workshop emphasized the critical role of data in the context of building sustainability and energy efficiency. It underscored the need for spaces where building experts and real-world users could interact, acknowledging that data, while essential, doesn’t automatically translate into knowledge.

Day 2: Consortium General Meeting

Following the successful TIMEPAC2023 workshop, partners convened for a consortium-wide general meeting on the second day. The focus shifted to reviewing local engagement activities within TIMEPAC’s six “Verification Scenarios” across Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain.

In each country, partners conducted workshops with local stakeholders to showcase new approaches to enhanced energy performance certification aligned with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The aim was to better understand the challenges and feasibility of implementing new building assessment methods in specific regions.

Preliminary takeaways from these Verification Scenarios will be shared on the TIMEPAC website in the upcoming weeks and months. Already available are insights into the experiences in Italy, accessible here.

As TIMEPAC enters its final phase, incorporating feedback from the Verification Scenarios, the project will concentrate on developing a series of training materials. This effort will culminate in the launch of the TIMEPAC Academy, a training platform designed to equip the next generation of building experts with the latest building assessment methodologies.

Special thanks were extended to Susanne Geissler, Bettina Sticher and their team at SERA Global for hosting the consortium during these productive days.

Stay tuned for more updates, and you can explore the latest public reports on TIMEPAC outcomes here for detailed information on all project developments.

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