December 6, 2023

TIMEPAC workshop on Verification Scenarios

Cyprus Energy Agency, in collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology, recently conducted an impactful workshop to discuss the Verification Scenarios developed as part of the TIMEPAC project. The primary aim was to engage with the local audience, initiating dialogue and garnering insights that would shape the future of energy performance certification that the TIMEPAC visions. 

The workshop, held on November 29, 2023, was a success with participants interested in the topics discussed. The event was divided into two sessions, each focusing on aspects critical to the TIMEPAC project’s objectives. 

In the first session, the spotlight was on Building Renovation Scenarios and Exploiting EPCs through Advanced Analysis. Cyprus partners presented TIMEPAC’s methodology for the new EPC for Europe and the key enhancements envisioned in the new EPBD. We dig into the challenges and advantages of using BIM for building renovation, the integration of data sources into renovation roadmaps. 

The second session was on Improving Building Operation with Enhanced EPC and Integrating Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) where the team discussed the role of SRIs and Levels in the new EPC. Stakeholders acknowledged the significance of different building archetypes, and the integration of additional sustainability indicators was discussed.  

The success of the workshop was not only in the exchange of knowledge but also in the rich feedback provided by Cypriot stakeholders. This feedback will play a key role in refining TIMEPAC’s outreach strategy and educational materials to better cater to the local context. 

The TIMEPAC project, now entering its final phase, continues bridging the gap between data and actionable knowledge in building sustainability and energy efficiency. Thank you all for joining and stay tuned for further updates as we work towards a future of enhanced energy performance certification and sustainable buildings. 

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